AMHS provides installation and service for the following:
Roller Conveyor
-Lineshaft conveyor
-Belt driven live roller
-Belt driven accumulation conveyor
-Chain driven Live Roller
-Pallet conveyor
Belt Conveyor
-Belt on slider bed
-Belt on roller bed
-Incline and decline
-Belt curves
Sortation Systems
-Pusher of arm diverter
-90 degree belt on chain transfer
-Pop-up wheel or roller
-Shoe sorter
-Tilt tray sorter
-Narrow belt sorter
Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
-Horizontal carousels
-Vertical carousels
-Vertical Lift Modules
Filing Systems
-Mobile shelving
-Bi-file systems
-Rotary file systems
-Cantilever and four post shelving
Sortation Systems
-Pallet Rack
-Carton flow rack
-Pick modules
-Bulk rack
Miscellaneous Material Handling
-Shelving systems
-Scissor lifts
-Vertical Reciprocating conveyors
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